Greetings, IB English HL2 Students!

Welcome to IB English HL2. I have started this post in preparation for the upcoming Poetry Out Loud Contest. The contest begins at the classroom level (Room 405), moves to a school-wide level (Learning Commons), continues on to a regional and/or state competition (Ft. Lauderdale), and ultimately to the National Finals (Washington, DC). To learn more about Poetry Out Loud and the contest, please go to

As part of our class activities, students will be choosing a poem from the list provided on the Poetry Out Loud website. Each student will need to memorize one poem to be recited at the classroom level. We will proceed from there.

For now, please visit the website and begin to think about which poet you like and, then, which poem you would like to memorize and recite. Please respond as soon as you have chosen the poem you wish to recite. I would also like to know how you think I should approach assessing your work. How much should this assignment be worth? Should I grade you on the length of the poem (points per line)? Level of difficulty (extra points for a more difficult poem)? Quality of memorization?


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